What are the locals up to in Rockaway? Catching the big fish!

Local Flavor

Our love of ocean air is what keeps us here, but what keeps people always coming back are the big catches.

Here is a great view from Jamaica Bay of fisherman trying their best to lure in striped bass and bluefish on the jetty at Breezy Point, Rockaway Beach.

You really have to love this country and respect the local fisherman. They go to extremes to preserve the old way of life in sleepy Rockaway, the true locals have great respect for the traditions and preserving the environment for many generations to come.

The old red white and blue American fishermen that risk their necks to catch us a prime fish for dinner are the true heroes here. This community of people has been fishing here for 7 generations, and through time has passed on knowledge through community bonding. This is simply amazing in the here and now with high-tech gadgetry infiltrating every aspect of our modern lives, that there are some things that just never change.

Next up is a review on the upcoming 4th of July Independence day bash. The community party will feature fireworks by BlastOff, LLC from Long island, and BBQ fixings from everyones favorite smoker pit, Jimmy’s Smoke Shack in Queens. Don’t miss your all American treats this weekend for a quick respite from your hustle and bustle.

God bless America, and God bless the fishermen of Rockaway!